service times

Forthcoming Church Events & Services

Thursday 6th September 2018 2:00PM

Pathways Mission - Launch Service

A simple outdoor service at St Michael's for Newcastle area churches will launch the Mission Weekend at 2pm, attended by our Deanery and others.


Friday 7th September 2018 9:00AM

Pathways Mission - Prayer Spaces in Schools

MINE Churches will offer prayer spaces in schools with various interactive prayer stations for the children in Central Walker and Benfield. If you would like to help with this, please speak with Rae.


Friday 7th September 2018 7:00PM

Pathways Mission - Social (Beer and Hymns) and Harvest Celebration

Celebration at the High Main, similar to what we do at Christmas. Ace from Gladiator will be there and give a short talk.


Saturday 8th September 2018 10:00AM

Pathways Mission - Launch of Toddler Church at St Martin's

We will launch a Toddler Church, to happen once each month on Saturday mornings in St Martin’s Church and Café. Deanery Ceillidh at St Gabriel’s with Food and Dancing, £5 per ticket. Tickets/sign up at back of church.


Sunday 9th September 2018 9:30AM

Pathways Mission - Sunday Eucharist

Sunday Eucharist with Guest Preacher from Blackburn.


Sunday 9th September 2018 4:00PM

Pathways Mission - Diocesan Celebration

Sunday Diocesan Celebration at Newcastle Race Course in Gosforth with Archbishop Sentamu, 4-5pm. We will have a sign up for people who wish to go (we will arrange transport).


Sunday 23rd September 2018 9:30AM

Harvest Festival

All welcome to celebrate with our Harvest Festival service. All food proceeds will once again be taken to the People's Kitchen.


Sunday 30th September 2018 11:00AM

5th Sunday MINE Eucharist

5th Sunday MINE Eucharist.