Music at St Martin's Church

The Complete Anglican Hymn Book

Church Music

The music at St Martin's is a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary praise worship music. This works well within the modern worship environment of St Martin's, catering for the wide and diverse range of a musical tastes within the congregation.

The principle hymn book used at the services is 'The Complete Anglican'. This book contains a wealth of music covering all styles, from the older traditional hymns through to the contemporary praise songs being penned by today's leading Christian composers. There is even a dedicated children's section, allowing the Sunday School to sing their hearts out!


Music at St Martin's is headed up by their music director & organist Andrew Ridgwick. The varied styles required to be played are handled by the Church's digital piano. St Martin's Digital Piano This allows pipe organ simulation for the traditional hymns alongside piano & strings for the more contemporary music.

Music Practise

In place of the traditional choir, St Martin's hold their Music Practise on the second Saturday of every month. This is an opportunity for members of the congregation to learn the hymns for the coming services and also to learn new material. St Martin's Music Group The practise is open to everyone, so if you enjoy singing, check out the events page for when the next practise will be held, no audition required!

Music Group

St Martin's would like to support a music group, based on local musicians. The group would aid in the music at services as well as special music events. Instruments of all kinds are welcome: Guitars, Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion. All standards will be catered for, a great opportunity if you're learning an instrument to come and join in an ensemble performance and meet other local musicians. If you're interested, contact Andrew Ridgwick in the first instance.

Listen to the music at St Martin's And Can It Be Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind O Lord My God The Lord's My Shepherd The Lord's Prayer
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