Sunday School at St Martin's Church

Sunday School

The Sunday School at St Martin's is held during the main Sunday service in the lounge of the centre. St Martin's Sunday School Here children take part in activities and story reading, all relating to the teachings of the bible for that particular Sunday.

Children enjoy creating and making pictures, figures and crafts. They learn the stories and teachings of the bible. When Sunday School finishes, the children return to the main service whereby they present their work to the priest and congregation, explaining what they have been doing and learnt at Sunday School, often to rapturous applause!

Sunday School Leaders

The Sunday school is headed up by Carole Graham and David Ramsey. St Martin's Sunday School Between them, they ensure that the school is well equipped and prepared with the necessary materials, so that the children can have an enjoyable end educational session. All activities are age based to ensure that the children stay engaged with the lesson, from simple colouring tasks for the youngest, through to animated displays and craft making for the older ones.

Attending Sunday School

Sunday school is open to all children, from toddlers to teens. If you'd like to enquire further about your child attending, please contact Father Stephen Herbert in the first instance, or see a church warden at the service.