Why a Church Funeral?

All who have lived within the parish are able to have their funeral service at St Martin's. Having a funeral in the local church provides a gathering for friends and neighbours who may not so easily make it to the crematorium or cemetery.

For those who have attended, or have connections with the Church, it is important for us to give thanks for a loved one's life in the context of Christian hope and worship in the very place where the person may have worshipped, or perhaps were baptised or married.

How do we arrange a funeral?

Family members may contact the Vicar directly, or the funeral director will do that for you, and a suitable time for the service will be arranged. The Vicar will meet with the family to plan the service. The church community will support and pray for those who grieve.

What if we want a service at the crematorium or cemetery?

The Vicar is available to take services at the crematorium or cemetery for anyone who has lived in the parish. You may phone the Vicar or ask the funeral director to arrange for the local Vicar to take the service.